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Kinetic Energy Tester GT-M18B

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This machine is used to detect the maximum kinetic energy generated by the fired bullets of projectile toys or the launched bows, thereby to determine whether the toy projectiles would harm the child.

1. Configured large color screen, can display a graph of five tests.
2. This machine configured with two measurement channels, inner and outer sensor channel, adapt to the testing of different sizes toys.
3. The use of microcomputer control, can input the weight of the tested object, sensor spacing and etc., automatically calculates the test speed, kinetic energy, the maximum and average value.
4. Configure thermal printer, can print the experimental result.

Key Specification

Model GT-M18B
Display LED Display, Time, Speed, Kinetic Energy Value, Average, Max Value
Printer Thermal Printer
Time accuracy 0.0000001s
Energy accuracy 0.000001J
Internal channel 10cmx10cm
Internal sensor distance 152.4mm(6")
Internal channel projectile diameter 2mm~80mm
External sensor distance 3~38cm
Cooling methods More than 150 natural cooling, less than water-cooled or natural cooling
Heating power 4 KW
Dimension (including sensor) 43*37.5*28cm
Dimension (excluding sensor) 40*31*28cm
Weight (approx.) 10Kg