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Shear Roller Test Machine GT-LA07

The shear roller test machine is intended to provide a means for the evaluation of foam sample with a shear roller. This allows comparing the performances of different foams under the same conditions.
A foam sample is placed under a roller for 20,000 times of rolling. The height loss, firmness loss and elongation are measured after the 20,000 cycles. The test results are compared with the specifications of the sample before being tested.
ASTM D3574 Test I2

Key Specification
Roller Length At least 460mm
Roller Diameter 76.0 ± 1.3mm
Roller Offset Position 15 ± 1 degrees
Test Speed 0-31cpm (adjustable)
Stroke Length 300 ± 10 mm
Specimen Size 380×380×50mm
Dimension(WxDxH) 130*68*115cm
Weight(Kg) ≈200Kg
Power 1∮ AC 220V 50Hz
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