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Mattress Comprehensive Performance Testing Machine GT-LA08

This machine is the newest mattress comprehensive performance testing designed according to EN 1957 and EN 1725 standard.
In general, the machine is configured with the following four test functions:
Height loss test: The height loss expresses the change in the height of a specimen caused by the durability test.
Durability test : This test simulates the repeated loading and movement of the specimen occurring during long-term use for assessing the durability of the article under such conditions. The durability test is a procedure mainly intended to evaluate the change of the properties of the specimen caused by repeated loading.
Hardness & firmness test : The hardness value is determined by load/deflection measurement. It is obtained by pressing a load pad into the specimen and measuring the value of indentation and force. The firmness is a subjective assessment conducted by persons. It is determined according to results of empirical studies.
Bed edge durability test: Apply a force of 1000N for 5000 cycles with edge loading pad at the bed edge, then measure the height loss.
The whole machine frame is made of high quality aluminum, which looks beautiful.
This machine has two styles: Type A uses PLC to touch the screen control; Type B uses the entire computer control.
Roller can be electrically lifted. It is easy to operate.
Motor is Japan's Panasonic servo motor, while the power sensor is Celtron imported from the United States.
The machine is equipped with an alarm device for safe operation
BS EN 1957, EN 1725, QB/T 1952.2

Model GT-LA08A GT-LA08B
Controller PLC Touching Screen Control computer control
Motor Panasonic
Power sensors 5000N, American Celtron
Durability test Cylinder shape Round
Cylinder length 1000mm
Cylinder weight 1400N
Diameter of roller 300mm
Test speed 0-20cpm (adjustable)
Stroke length 500mm
Hardness value & Firmness rating test & Height loss test Pressure plate diameter ¢355mm
Pressure plate spherical radius R800mm
Test speed 0.001--500mm/min
Bed edge durability test Test load 1000N
Test cycles 5000cycles
Maintain time 3±1s
Power supply 1∮, AC 220V 50/60Hz
Dimension (WxDxH) 300*280*180cm
Weight (Kg) ≈900Kg
Standard Accessories 1 pc EN standard roller
1 pc Hardness loading pad
1 pc Edge loading pad
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