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Suitcase Hexagonal Roller Tester GT-LC07

Also called suitcase drum drop test machine, roller tester.It is made by American SAMSONITE standard. Do rollover impact test for suitcase and other packing-cases while delivery.
The suitcase rollover and do the impact inside the drum.and then check the damaged conditions after the set number of revolutions finished.

Key Specification
Model GT-LC07
Diameter & depth (drum) Diameter: Φ72 in Depth: 48 in
Times Setting 0~999999, automatically stop
Barrier standard 3 groups of 60 angle barrier
Baffle 2 groups of 90 angle
Impact object Cone-shaped metal
Max. dimension (specimen) 100*70*40cm
Machine dimension 230*160*260cm
Weight 3860 kg
Power 4.1∮, 220V/50HZ
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