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Double Wings Drop Testing Machine GT-LC05-2

In the process of moving or transporting the product, there may be a drop in the product and damage to the internal product. The damage can be prevented in advance, that is machine is expected to be tested for the best possible solution so that it can be minimized during transport loss.
This series of drop test machine, using double column to the spring buffer, height scale instructions, stable and reliable, can be achieved edge, surface, angle drop.
ISO 2248,JIS Z0202,GB/T4857.5, ISTA

Model GT-LC05-2
Display mode Height ruler
Drop height 450~1500mm
Dimension of drop panel (W*L)1200*1400mm
Max weight of sample 70kg
Max dimension of sample (L*W*H)1000*1000*800mm
Transfer method Electric drive
Single-wing area (W*L)350*760mm
Power 1∮,AC220V,50Hz,1/2P
Weight of machine About 450kg
Dimension (L*W*H)1400*1200*2140mm
Structural material part
Base plate 100×50mm box iron
Surface 6mm iron spray
Test table 10mm hard aluminum plate(imported)
Main pole 45#solid steel, surface heat treatment
Main force pole 60#solid screw with steel cups up and down
Fixture 45#solid steel, surface heat treatment. Two ends with six articles and angle fixures
Control part
Main force Import 1 / 2HP motor with 20: 1 reducer 1 set
Controller Imported Shihlin magnetic cable system and overload protection, 2 sets
General system 15A Fuji switch 1
Travel switch Japan imported limit switch 2 sets
Control switch Diameter of 25mm button 5 sets
Protection Motor fault protection, high and low limit protection, emergency stop protection

Operational Specifications

(A) Test Steps
1) Turn on the power switch, power light will turn on. (At this time non-professionals are strictly prohibited to enter into the yellow cordon or do any operation. It’s very dangerous). Check whether the two wings are horizontal. If not, adjust them the horizontal position by hands.
2) Place the test specimen on the wings with a fixture. Everyone stands outside the security line.
3) Press the up button to raise the two wings to the desired height, then press the stop button to stop rising.
4) Press the down button, let the specimen fall freely. When the test is finished, record the conditions of the specimen.
5) Repeat step 2~4 for other specimens. Test the surface, angle and edge accordingly.
6) Remark: During the test, everyone must leave the work bench.
(B) Precautions and Maintenance
a. The enclosure must be grounded to prevent the risk of electric shock.
b. Power line should be connected with the air switch and the contactor which has same capacity and electric leakage protection
c. When the machine is power on, only control panel is allowed to touch, to prevent abrasions or injuries.
d. If the machine should be moved, please make sure the power is cut off, and cool it for 5 minutes before operating.
e. After a new machine is installed in factory, please add some low concentration engine oil on slide bar. Other corrosive oils are forbidden, like anti-rust oil and high concentration oil.
f. If there is too much dust on the oiling position, please lower the machine and clear up the oil added before. Then add new engine oil. Please add lubricating oil on the transmission parts regularly.
g. Drop testing machine belongs to impact mechanical equipment. When a new one is used for more than 500 times, the screws should be tightened in case it malfunctions suddenly.
ISO 2248,JIS Z0202,GB/T4857.5, ISTA

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