GT-RB04 Glasses Impact Resistance Tester

This instrument is used to detect the impact resistance performance of glasses. The test method is to fix the glasses on the head mold or the lens fixed sample holder, and use the free fall of steel balls to impact the glasses to detect the rupture or shedding of the glasses due to the impact of external force to judge the safety of wearing.

  • The height of the instrument is adjustable, which is convenient for various height tests.
  • Red laser pointer, aiming at the impact point, easy to use.
  • The installation of the head mold, the front, back, left and right positions can be adjusted, and the operation is simple.

GB 2626-2019, QBT 2659, QBT 2457, ANSI Z87.1, EN 166, EN 1836, CNS 15067, ANSI Z80

Key Specification
Model GT-RB04
Impact height 1270mm
Steel ball diameter φ16mm; mass: 16g; φ22mm; mass: 43g;
Dimensions 570 × 550 × 1800mm;
Weight 40kg
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