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Sponge Resilience Testing Machine GT-LE02

The sponge resilience testing machine makes a steel ball free fall on flexible foamed plastics or other flexible materials to test the rebound height. It is used to test the rebound resilience (coefficient of resilience) of the polyurethane flexible material.
This sponge resilience testing machine adopts the photoelectric technology, electromagnetic control and digital pipe display. It features the functions of high precision, good repeat-ability, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, etc. Therefore, visual inspection and machine test are both available, which not only improves the reliability, but adds convenience for users. The tester provides a feasible method for the accurate measuring the resilience of elastic material such as flexible plastic foam.
GB/T 6670, ASTM D3574.

Model GT-LE02
Falling height 460+0.5%mm(GB standard), 500+0.5%mm (ASTM standard)
Diameter of steel ball ¢16-0.05 mm
Accuracy of rebound rate < 1.5%
Specimen size 100 mm ×100 mm × 50mm
Dimensions 57*32*83cm
Weight ≈20kg
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