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Foam Material Combustion Testing Machine GT-LE01

Suitable for laboratory evaluation under the condition of less than 250 kg/M3of foam under small sample in the small flame combustion performance.

1.Use the cold plate which is usually used to automotive manufacturing to CNC machine center molding, beautiful appearance, high-grade.
2.Outdoor grade powder paint technology, high quality, long-term use such as new, no discoloration.
3.Digital control components, easy to use, safe and reliable.
4. Dedicated burner which meets the standard , flame height adjustment convenient and stable.

Key Specification
Model GT-LE01A GT-LE01B
Burning pipe diameter 9.5±0.5mm
Burner wing top Opening length: 48±1mm, Width: 1.3±0.05mm Opening length: 48±1mm, Width: 3±0.2mm
Burning nets 215×75mm. The ends are folded at right angles. Height: 13mm
Flame height adjustment 10-60mm
Flame angle
Ignition time range 0-99.99s
Residual combustion time range 0-99.99s
Time accuracy 0.01s
Inner box size 600×300×760mm
Dimensions 650×350×1000mm
Weight 50kg
Power 1∮, AC 220V 50Hz
Standards GB/T8332,ISO9772 ISO 3582
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