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Caster Durability Testing Machine GT-LD03

This tester applies to tables that have castors fitted to all legs/supports, to evaluate the ability of the casters , table frame to withstand fatigue stresses and wear caused by moving the table back and forth.
The machine frame is made of high quality aluminum, beautiful and generous
Obstruction block can be dismantle freely, easy to switch test mode
EN1730-2012 Section 6.8

Key Specification
Modle GT-LD03
Control method PLC Touch screen control
Moving stroke 1 000 ± 100 mm
Obstacle block Width: 50mm
Thickness: 2mm
2 pieces, 500mm apart
Driving method Motor
Test speed 0.2m/s
Testing time 0~9999min, settable
Power supply 1∮ AC 220V 50Hz 5A
Option accessories Test mass( the weight depends on customers needs)
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