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Furniture Testing Equipment for Universal Testing

GT-C52 Programmable Temperature & Humidity

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber For conditioning of samples prior to testing. It also can be used for a variety of materials of high - low temperature alternating test. The test temperature, humidity and time can be programmed.

Capacity 80L 150L 225L 408L 612L 1000L
Inside dimensions
40x50x40 50x60x50 50x75x60 60x85x80 80x95x85 100X100X100
Outside dimensions
95x136x94 100X146X104 100x161X117 110x171x137 130x181x137 152 x 210 x 127
Key Specification
Temperature range (optional, can be custom-made) -20~150℃, -40~150℃, -60~150℃
Humidity range 20%~98%, can be set.
Furniture Testing Equipment for Universal Testing
Rate of temperature increasing Room temperature~150℃ About 45 minutes(non-linear no-load, about 3.5℃/minute
Room temperature~-20℃ About 45 minutes(non-linear no-load, about 1.2℃/minute)
Machine precision Control accuracy (test precision) Temperature +/-0.5℃
Humidity +/-1%RH
Distribution accuracy (uniformity) Temperature +/-1.0℃
Humidity +/-2%RH
Environment temperature 5℃-28℃
Environment relative humidity ≤85%RH
Power voltage 220V AC(+/-10%), protect ground wire, ground resistance≤4Ω.
Frequency 50+/-0.5Hz
Power switch Air-break switch(40A, knife switch or outlet is prohibited to use.)
Power 4.5KW
Humidification water Resistivity(≥500MΩ)
Requirement of ambient air quality Do not contain high concentration dust and flammable gas, without strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby.
Power supply AC1¢3W 380V 50/60HZ, voltage change allowed value: ±10% of fixed voltage.
Max loading capacity 8KVA
Max operating current 30A
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