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Hardness Testing Machine(Foam Rubber Hardness Tester)

The hardness testing machine is typically used to test the hardness of foam rubber, and thus it is also called foam rubber hardness tester. Our range of hardness testing machine compresses test specimen which is placed between the upper and lower compression plates, and then the specimen’s area is divided by the load to reveal its hardness.

Technical Data of Hardness Testing Machine

Model GT-KC49
Capacity 100kg
Sensor Load cell
Indicator Microcomputer controlled LCD display
Resolution 1/10,000
Motor AC variable frequency motor (1/2hp)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 80×58×85cm
Weight 130kg
Power supply AC220V/1P/5A

Related Names
Footwear Testing Equipment | Footwear Hardness Tester

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