Leather Flexing Tester

The GT-KC40 leather flexing tester determines the propensity of leather grains to crack during bending, and it is applicable for all sole leather.

Standard of the Flex Tester

Principle of the Leather Flexing Tester
A leather sample is bent around a series of numbered mandrels of decreasing diameter until either grain cracking occurs or the smallest mandrel has been used.

Diameter of Mandrels

No. Standard diameter Allowed deviation
1 61.67mm ±0.03mm
2 35.00mm ±0.03mm
3 23.57mm ±0.03mm
4 17.22mm ±0.03mm
5 13.18mm ±0.03mm
6 10.38mm ±0.03mm
7 8.33mm ±0.03mm
8 6.76mm ±0.03mm

Related Names
Leather Grain Crack Tester | Flex Testing Machine

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