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Leather Testing Machine(Upper Material Flexing Tester)

The upper material flexing tester is one style of our vast range of leather testing machines. It uses two V-shaped clamps to hold test specimen, and one the two clamps is kept fixed while the other is made to move forward and back repeatedly, creating simulated stretching, squeezing and flexing effects which are formed in the upper materials of a shoe during walking. After specified number of flexing cycles, people need to check whether test specimen is cracked, damaged or flexed.

Technical Data of the Leather Testing Machine

Model GT-KC04
Clamp 40° V-shaped
No. of test specimen 12pcs
Counter LCD: 0- 999,999 times
Flexing distance 19mm
Flexing speed 300CPM
Dimensions 102×60×62cm
Weight 70kg
Standards ISO5423, EN ISO 22288, SATRA TM25

Related Names
Vamp Flex Tester | Footwear Flex Tester | Vamp Flex Test Machine

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