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Infrared Laboratory Dyeing Machine

This machine is oil bath type infrared laboratory dyeing machine, it combines the advantages of traditional glycerol dyeing machine with common infrared dyeing machine together. It’s applied to dyeing and testing the color fastness of the knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, loose fiber, zipper etc. It was special design for dyeing industry, chemical industry, raw material, cloth which can simulate the production conditions exactly and reach the process effect.

1. Easy to operate, dye pot can be individually Turn plate removed to save waiting time.
2. Special recommendation for “STEP DYEING” to select the best dyestuff and combinations for the most suitable dyeing curve to achieve the highest efficiency and quality.
3. Different sizes of dye pots for various weights of samples with yarn or fabric holders to ensure the good leveling result.
4. Special design for humanity, durability and easy-maintenance.

Key Specification

Model GT-D22 A GT-D22 B
Staining cup number 12 24
Staining cup volume 300cc OR 450cc
Control mode LCD Microprocessor type, programmable process number: 100(0-99), 100 programmable steps per process
Heat method Infrared heat
Temperature range RT - 140 ℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.2 ℃
Heating rate 0 - 3.5 ℃ / min
Cooling rate 0.2 - 5 ℃ / min
Cooling method Air-cooled
Rotation speed 0 - 60 rpm
Liquor ratio 1:5 -1:100
Power supply 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions( L x W x H) 670×670×780mm 860×680×780mm
Weight 100kg 120kg
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