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GT-D18 Oscillation Dyeing Machine

The oscillation dyeing machine is designed to test dye samples for textile products. It simulates the actual dyeing process used in production process using a shaking effect. Additives such as salt and alkali can be introduced during the dyeing process to fully test the effects.


Model GT-D18A GT-D18B
Beaker Numbers 12 24
Beaker Volume 250ml
Heating Mode Electric heating
Heating Medium Water
Heating Power 3KW 6KW
Temperature Range RT- 99℃
Thermostat Timer 0-99min
Liquor Ratio 1:5-1:20
Oscillating Speed 50-200cpm
Oscillating Range 36mm
Power Supply Customizable
Dimensions(L×W×H) 880×420×330 mm 1030×560×330 mm
Weight 30 kg 50kg


Standard accessories 1set Beakers
Option accessories 1set Stainless steel beakers
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