Laboratory Dyeing Padder

The laboratory dyeing padder is used for resin finishing applications of purified cotton, terylene/cotton and other fabrics, and pneumatic cylinders are adopted to generate working pressure.

Features of the Laboratory Dyeing Padder
1. Our laboratory wringer uses NBR to make padding mangle, and NBR boasts good corrosion resistance, excellent elasticity and long service life, whilst two separated disc-shaped pneumatic cylinders apply precise and uniform pressure on the rollers for better performance.
2. For this pneumatic laboratory padder, compressed air is used to create pressure on rollers, and a pressure regulating valve is employed to control this pressure.
3. Our laboratory dyeing padder is manufactured from smooth stainless steel to give a tidy appearance with compact structure, and it is specially designed to make operation easy and safe.

Technical Data of Laboratory Dyeing Padder

Model GT-D19
Roller width 450mm
Roller diameter 125mm
Roller hardness 70 degree Shore A
Padder speed 0-10m/min
Standard pressure required 0.6MPa
Retained dyestuff ratio 40-80%
Dimensions (L×W×H) Vertical laboratory padder: 1840×680×1450mm
Horizontal laboratory padder: 1840×740×1100mm
Weight 140kg
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