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High Temperature Dyeing Machine

This machine is applied for dyeing and washing color fastness testing of dyeing knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, loose fibre, zipper, shoe material and other high-temperature hand sample & middle sample. Its high temperature dyeing machine design for dyeing, chemical, raw material, cloth industry, can simulate actual produce condition exactly, meeting requirement technology effect.

1. Brushed stainless steel construction, good heat- insulated performance. SUS316 stainless steel cup, easy to clean.
2. O-shaped seal ring is made from latest composite material, good high-temperature and corrosion resistance.
3. Electric heating adopt high quality imported 304 stainless steel tube, has long service life.

Parts Figure

Key Specification

Model GT-D15A GT-D15B
Cup numbers 12 24
Oil volume 35L 65L
Heating method Electric heating
Heating medium Glycerinum
Heating power 3 x 2KW 3 x 3KW
Liquor ratio 1:5 -1:100
Temperature range RT-135℃ ( Can be adjustment )
Time range 0-99min
Temperature increment 0.6-3.5℃/min
Temperature reduction 6℃/min
Temperature accuracy 0.5degree
Cup volume 250ml or 450ml or 500ml (Option)
Rotation speed 40r/min
Power supply 3∮AC 380V 50/60HZ
Dimensions(LxWxH) 820×750×1200mm 1000×750×1200mm
Weight 80kg 100kg
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