Pneumatic Sample Press

The pneumatic sample press is a heavy duty table top press with 125mm-bore air cylinder, 50mm cutting depth and 125×125mm cutting table.

1. For this pneumatic cutting press, a pneumatic activation at 100psi would produce 800kg of cutting force, and the dual palm buttons perfectly avoid misoperation which may lead to serious accidents.
2. Special shaped dies are provided upon request, and laboratory standard air compressor is required.

Technical Data of Pneumatic Sample Press

Model GT-C48
Compression diameter 18.5cm
Pressure 4kg/cm2
Available dies Circular: Ф38mm, Ф140mm, 100cm2
Rectangular: 4×10cm, 5×15cm
Dimensions 480×400×930mm
Weight 120kg
Standards ISO 3801
M&S P65/65A
ASTM D3776/2646
BS 3424/2471, BS EN 12127

Related Names
Die Cutter | Textile Testing Equipment

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