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GT-C02-1 Universal Tensile Strength Tester (Single Column)

The universal tensile strength tester (single column) is designed to perform various mechanical performance analyses for various textiles, shoe materials, leather, metals, and building materials. It can conduct tensile testing, tear testing, and more.

1. A high-temperature spray paint treatment is performed on the surface of the universal tensile strength tester giving it excellent durability that will not easily fade.
2. This machine supports a user editing testing program, data analysis formula, and test report according to the material type, material properties, and testing method.
3. The universal tensile strength tester can provide various kinds of standard test functions according to your requirements. It is also customizable.


Model GT-C01-1B GT-C02-1B
Display Computer display
Max. capacity 2.5KN 5KN
Force resolution 1/100000
Force accuracy ≤+/-0.2%F.S
Stroke 1000mm
Test speed 0.01-1000mm/min
Stop mode Overload stop, emergency stop button, specimen damage automatic stop, upper & lower limit set automatic stop, automatic return function
Machine drive Servo motor drive, Synchronous wheel, and precision ball screw drive
Power supply Customizable
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 670×480×1440mm
Weight 120kgs

ISO13934-1,13934-2,13935-1,13935-2,13936-1,13936-2,13936-3, 13937-2,13937-3,13937-4,1421, 2411, 2062, 4674-1,5082, 9073.3, 9073.4, 9073.18
BS 2543, 2576, 3320, 3424, 4303,
M&S P11, P12, P13, P14
JIS L1096
ASTM D 434, D751, D885, D1683, D2256, D2261, D2724, D2731, D3787, D4034, D4964, D5034, D5035, D5587, D5733, D5735.


Standards accessories 1set Pneumatic Grips
1pc English Operation Software
1pc Cable Connect with PC
1pc Load cell
Optional accessories Optional Other Grips and Load Cell
1set Desk Top Computer
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