Universal Wear Tester (Stoll Quartermaster)

To determine the wear and abrasion resistance of fabric used in clothing, footwear and industrials. Supplied with surface abrasion head (inflated diaphragm method, flex abrasion head, depth abrasion test device, flat abrasion (frosting) and pilling test device as well as necessary weights and initial supply of abrasive. Fitted with built-in timer and mechanical cycle counter.

This machine is equipped with accurate loop counter and timer. Digital counter can record the cycle index when the sample ruptured. And testers can preset the counter to stop before sample rupturing. Count down model can also be used in count the cycle index.
To ensure accuracy of the rubber membrane when doing the surface abrasion test, this machine equipped with accurate pneumatic pressure control system.
Test can be done automatically which can ensure not only the accuracy of repeat test result but also save operator’ s time.

Key Specification

Model GT-C15-1 GT-C15-2
Speed 115±10 double stokes/ min
Stroke length 25mm
Counter display LCD
Power supply AC 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 480 x 360 x 715mm ( L x W x H )
Weight 50kg
Standards ASTM D3885, D3886 ASTM D3514, D3885, D3886 AATCC 119, 120


Model GT-C15-1 GT-C15-2
Standard accessories Tension weights -5pcs Tension weights -5pcs
Press weights -5pcs Press weights -5pcs
Micrometer calipers Micrometer calipers
Flex Abrasion Test fixture - 1set Flex Abrasion Test fixture - 1set
Flex Abrasion Blade Device -1set Flex Abrasion Blade Device -1set
Surface Abrasion Test fixture -1set Surface Abrasion Test fixture -1set
Power Line -1pc Edge & Fold Abrasion Test -1set
Flat abrasion (frosting) and pilling test fixture -1set
Power Line -1pc
Option accessories Rubber membrane
ASTMD3514 Photograph
ASTM D3514 Elastomeric Base Pad and Elastomeric Friction Pad
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