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Durability Test Machine (Tester for Swing Safety Connector)

The durability test machine refers to a special style of durability tester for swing safety connectors. It applies a certain load to the swing device just like normal working, and then swings it for several cycles to see if the suspension connector is deformed.

Technical Data of the Durability Test Machine

Model GT-M81
Load 6.75kg, 13.5kg, 18.5kg, 30kg
Loading method Suspension
Swing angle ±5°~±45° (10°~90°)
Suspension connector No. 1
Test speed 1-60r/min
Timer 0-999,999 times
Control system PLC + touch screen
Dimensions 40×52×78cm
Weight Approx. 75kg
Standards EN71-8, ISO 8124-4 6.8

Related Names
Suspension Connector Tester | Swing Durability Tester

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