Horizontal Thrust Testing Machine

The horizontal thrust testing machine is a piece of swing testing equipment intended to evaluate the stability of swings, slides, climbing frames and other activity toys by exerting a horizontal thrust at the top of toys to see if tip-over occurs, and the horizontal thrust tester is manufactured according to EN71-8 and ISO 8124-4 6.1.2/6.1.4.

Applications of the Horizontal Thrust Testing Machine
This horizontal force tester fits for activity toys with a free height of fall of more than 600mm, as well as swings and other activity toys with crossbeams more than 1200mm over the ground.

Technical Data of Horizontal Thrust Testing Machine

Model GT-M72
Force 0-2500N
Accuracy ±0.5%
Resolution 5N
Unit N, kN, kgf, lbf
Direction of force Horizontal
No. of loading device 4 in total
Loading mode Fixed force
Loading point distance ≤600mm
Loading point height 30-180cm
Loading stroke 28cm
Loading time 0-9999s
Test speed 0-500mm/min
Force control Closed loop
Control system PC + specialized testing software
Transmission system Servo motor + ball screw
Dimensions 280×120×240cm
Weight Approx. 650kg

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Swing Tester

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