Glow Wire Test Apparatus

The glow wire test apparatus offers an indirect flame method to evaluate material flammability and fire resistance, and it is the latest product released to the market. Our glow wire tester offers reliable and stable performance via simple operation, and its test parameters can be regulated within a wide range to fit for different applications.

Glow wire tester is the latest release of the flaming test equipment, with imports of touch-screen controller and instrument.
New test circuit, stable performance, reliable, simple and easy to operate. wide range of parameter adjustment. Apply to the latest test standards IEC60695,GB5169, etc.

1.LCD Display, Programmable controller, touch-screen control system
2.Full import control components.
3.Special high-quality stainless steel clamps.
4.Wireless remote control timing device.
5.Advanced temperature control and measurement system.
6.Glass windows

Key Specification

Model NO. GT-MC35H
Glow wire: Φ4mm Ni/Cr(80/20)
Thermocouple: Φ0.5mm K type
Sample pressure 1.0N+/-0.1N
Glow temperature: 150degree ~1000 degree (may adjust)
Sample move speed: 10mm /s~25mm /s(may adjust)
Outside dimension 1120x600x1020mm ( L x W x H)
Apply temperature time: 0.01s~99.99s(may adjust)
Continue burning time: 0.01s~59m59.99s
Start burning time: 0.01s~59m59.99s
Standards IEC60695 . GB5169

Related Names
Flammability Tester | Glow Wire Testing Equipment

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