Toy Flammability Testing Machine

The toy flammability testing machine or flammability tester for toys, is intended to measure the rate and time of frame spread, thus evaluating the flammability of toys and toy parts.

To test children apparel or toy and its decorations flammability performance, to evaluate the burning speed and time of the following kinds of toys.
1.Toys to be worn on the head.
2.Toy disguise costumes and toys intended to be worn by a child in play.
3.Toys intended to be entered by a child.
4.Soft-filled toys (animals and dolls, etc.) with a piled or textile surface.

1.PLC control, timing precision, human-machine interface.
2.Different test methods with different samples fixtures.
3.Fixtures operation simple and convenient.
4.The clamp can be adjusted arbitrarily, suitable for different samples.
5.Flame Angle, position can be adjustable arbitrarily.

Key Specification

Model GT-M17
Ignition Time Range 0-99.9S (Precision: 0.1S)
After Flame Time 0-999.9S
Burner According to ISO6941 Standard
Burner Angle 45o or 90o
Dimensions 1030 x 600 x 900mm (L x W x H)
Weight 40kg
Power Supply AC 220V 50/60Hz
Standards EN 71-2 ISO 8124-2 GB 6675.3


Standard Accessories Pack of 1 20mm Flame Height Ruler
Pack of 1 40mm Flame Height Ruler
Pack of 1 U-Type Fixture
Pack of 1 45 degree Clamp
Pack of 1 T-Type Fixture
Pack of 2 Thread Clamp
Pack of 2 U-Type Fork
Pack of 1 Cotton Thread
Pack of 2 Hammer
Pack of 4 Tag Line Guide Ring
Pack of 4 Pinch-cock
Pack of 1 Gas Feed Device
Pack of 1 Burner
Pack of 1 Power Line

Technical Data of Toy Flammability Tester

Model GT-M17
Ignition time 0-99.9s (precision: 0.1s)
Burning time 0-999.9s
Burner size According to ISO6941 standard
Dimension (L×W×H) 1030×600×900mm
Weight 40kg
Standards EN71-2, ISO8124-2
Accessories U-type fixture: 1
45 degree clamp: 1
T-type fixture: 1
Thread clamp: 2
U-type fork: 2
Cotton thread: 1
Hammer: 2
Tag line guide ring: 4
Pinchcock: 4
Air feed device: 1
Burner: 1
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