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Compression Testing Machine (Cardboard Box Compression Tester )

General Introduction of the Compression Testing Machine
The cardboard box compression tester is a PC-controlled compression testing machine primarily used in the packaging industry for the determination of compression strength of cartons and containers, thus offering reliable evidence to decide the stack height of products or to judge whether the package is properly designed. But, no matter what kind of material the packages are made from, their compressive strength shall be less than 100kN.

Feature of the Compression Testing Machine
1. This cardboard testing equipment uses high-precision load cells to measure the compressive strength or resistance of containers, and it is compliant with GB/T4857.4, GB/T4857.16, ISO2872, ASTM D642, GB/T16491, TAPPI-T804, JIS-Z0212 and other standards.
2. With imported motor and scientifically designed guide pillars & threaded shafts, this compression testing machine boasts excellent measurement precision, good platen parallelism and high platen retract speed.
3. Our compression testing machine offers a wide range of functions, like parametric test, data displaying, data recording, data processing, statistical analysis, automatic reset, fault diagnosis, test result printing, etc.

Test List
1. Compressive Strength Test
Compressive strength test is a major function of this compression testing system, and it is a destructive test used to determine specimen deformation at maximum pressure or crushing strength.

2. Constant Value Test
If our compression testing machine is going to carry out constant value test, two parameters, which are load force and deflection value, shall be set in advance. Operators could set one or two of these parameters, and the measurement is completed when any of them reaches the preset value.

3. Stacking Test
The stacking test is utilized to check whether the specimen could endure a constant pressure in a given time period, and two parameters need to be set before running our compression testing machine: compressive strength and test time (hour).

When the test starts, this packaging testing equipment will monitor the current pressure to make sure it is compliant with the preset value, and the measurement is completed when the test time expires or the deflection value exceeds the preset value.

Technical Data of the Compression Testing Machine

Model GT-N02B
Force range 10kN, 20kN, 30kN, 50kN, 70kN, 100kN
Indication error ±0.5%
Units Kgf, N, lbf, g, ton, Mpa
Platen size 500×500mm or 600×600mm
800×800mm or 1000×1000mm
1200×1200mm or 1500×1500mm
Max. stroke 500mm or 600mm
800mm or 1000mm
1200mm or 1500mm
Test speed 0.001-500mm/min
Power supply AC220V/5A/50Hz
Data display Computer
Drive system Servo motor, synchronous wheel and precision ball screw
Stop mode Overload stop, emergency stop, automatic reset, automatic stop after specimen damage, upper & lower limit switch
Standards ISO2872, ISO2874, ASTM D642, GB/T4857.4, GB/T4857.16, ISO2872, ASTM D642, GB/T16491, TAPPI-T804, JIS-Z0212

Software Function
The universal testing software is a multi-functional and fully customizable software package intended to facilitate the use of our compression testing machine, and it exhibits the following characteristics.

1. This software supports different test standards including GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and BS specifications.
2. Users are allowed to set parameters for all the test samples, and these parameters are stored and used permanently after that. Moreover, users could also add or modify formulas to get better results.
3. Test data can be plotted and edited in other report formats aside from word.
4. All the test data can be displayed in different units. For example, load is revealed in T, kg, g, N, kN or lb, while deflection is revealed in mm, cm or inch.
5. Auto scaling graphical display is conducted automatically, and users could switch between different real-time graphs. In addition, available data curves include but are not limited to load-position, load-time, position-time, stress-strain, multiple plots, etc.
6. After a test is finished, the test result is saved in any hard disk partition either automatically or manually, and a number of parameters are calculated automatically: max. force, tensile strength, compressive strength, percent elongation, elastic modulus, upper/lower yield strength, non-proportional extension stress, tensile stress at a given elongation (for any point), percent elongation at a given load (for any point), etc.
7. The operation language is available in English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
8. The data collection rate at the PC end is 200 times per second, and the test data are transmitted via USB. In addition, this software could display historical data.

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