Vibration Testing Machine

The vibration testing machine is designed to conduct vibration tests (fixed-displacement test) for toy, gift, furniture, computer, auto part, ceramic artware, communication equipment, electronic product and the like to evaluate their performance during road, rail, air or ocean transportation. In this regard, the vibration testing machine is also known as transport journey simulator or simply transport simulator.

Features of the Vibration Testing Machine
1. Our vibration test equipment uses a digital instrument to reveal vibration frequency, and its synchronous belt generates a low noise level during work.
2. Test samples are loaded by the guide rail to realize safe and convenient operation, while the DC motor speed control offers stable performance with high load capacity.
3. For this vibration testing machine, its pedestal is manufactured from heavy-duty channel steel, and it is equipped with a rubber anti-vibration pad. In addition, anchor screws are not necessary for the vibration tester installation.
4. This vibration testing machine delivers similar performance when compared with American products, but its price is 90 percent lower.

Technical Data of Vibration Testing Machine

Model GT-M11
Max. load 100kg
Vibration frequency 150-300rpm
Vibration amplitude 25.4mm
Vibration mode Fixed-displacement (repetitive shock)
Simulated vehicle speed 25-40km/h
Platform size 1000×1100mm
Speed control mode DC or AC
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Power consumption 1hp
Machine weight 200kg
Ambient condition 5-40℃, ≤85%RH
Standards EN71, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA
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