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As a dedicated testing equipment supplier, GESTER tries to provide total testing solutions for toy, textile, footwear, furniture and packaging materials by fabricating reliable testing machines and offering product certification/calibration service.

Aside from testing equipment, we also offer turnkey projects to help you build up a modern testing laboratory, and our service includes:
1. Laboratory design
2. Necessary testing equipment and accessories
3. Installation and training
4. Preventive maintenance
5. Professional calibration
6. Product inspection and certification

  • Packaging Material Testing

  • Packaging Material Testing Solution

    Packaging materials are very important because if not properly packaged, products may get damaged during transportation, leading to direct economic loss for both the manufacturer and the buyer. Given this, the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) has published a series of standards and test procedures to evaluate the safety performance of packaging materials.

    GESTER offers some testing equipment to perform corresponding tests, including:
    1. Vibration Test
    2. Inclined Impact Test
    3. Cardboard Burst Test
    4. Packaging Materials and Heavy Metals Test
    5. Drop Test
    6. Pressure Test for Packaging Materials
    7. Temperature and Humidity Test
    8. Edge Crush Test

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  • Textile Testing

  • Textile Testing Solution

    GESTER manufactures a lot of textile testing equipment according to GB18401, ASTM, ISO, AATCC, EN, JIS, Oeko-TexStandard100 and other standards, offering reliable testing solutions for textile manufacturers.

    Applicable Materials
    1. Textile fibers: Cotton, linen, silk, terylene, viscose, spandex, chinlon, CVC, fur of sheep/rabbit, etc.
    2. Structural fabrics: Woven fabric, knitted fabric, velvet, corduroy, flannel, lace, coated fabric, etc.
    3. Garments: Overcoat, trousers, skirt, sweater, T-shirt, down jacket, etc.
    4. Home textiles: Towel, quilt, bed linen, bed spread, etc.
    5. Decorative textiles: Curtain, wall cloth, table cloth, etc.
    6. Others: Eco-textiles

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  • Furniture Safety Testing

  • Furniture Safety Testing Solution

    On the global market, people pay more and more attention to safety factor when manufacturing and purchasing furniture. Under this condition, GESTER offers a number of furniture testing equipment to perform safety tests for office furniture, kitchen furniture as well as indoor/outdoor desks and chairs, thus evaluating their stability, durability, tensile strength, drop resistance, impact resistance, mechanical structure and other properties.

    BIFMA X5, ASTM 1561, ASTM 1858, ASTM 1838, ASTM 2057, BS 4875, BS 7376, BS 7449, BS EN 1727, DD ENV 12520, DD ENV 12521, BS EN 14072, BS EN 581, BS EN 1022, DD ENV 1729, BS EN 1335, ISO 7170~7174, etc.

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  • Toy Safety Testing

  • Toy Safety Testing Solution

    GESTER provides toy manufacturers and third-party inspection agencies with lots of toy testing equipment so as to determine whether a toy is safe for children or not, and our products are well recognized by governments and research institutions in many countries. On the other hand, toy safety requirements may be different in different countries, so our toy safety testers are available in various types to fit for different standards.

    Applicable Toys
    1. Stuffed toys
    2. Toys made of chemicals
    3. Children's bicycles
    4. Wooden toys
    5. Plastic toys
    6. Electronic toys
    7. Ceramic toys
    8. Wind-up toys
    9. Painting pen, plasticine
    10. Toys made of paper
    11. Dolls, intelligence toys and many more

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  • Footwear Material Safety Testing

  • Footwear Material Safety Testing Solution

    GESTER has always been the cooperative partner of shoe manufacturers. With scientific attitude and professional technology, we are capable of providing considerate services to our partners. Our company enjoys sound reputation in the shoe manufacturing industry because of the full range of products and complete functions, which bring us a great many of customers, including the famous shoe manufacturer such as ADDIAS, Nike, and some others.

    Main Product for Footwear Testing
    Whole shoe flexing tester, footwear water resistance tester, shoe abrasion tester, footwear compression and puncture tester, rubber abrasion tester, whole sole flexing machine, fibreboard flexing tester, upper flexing tester, belt flex tester, heel impact tester, safety footwear impact tester, resilience elasticity tester, heat resistance tester, shoe dielectric resistance tester, whole shoe flexing cold resistance tester, shoe lace abrasion resistance tester, and shoelace-eyelet abrasion tester.

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