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Furniture Safety Testing Solution

On the global market, people pay more and more attention to safety factor when manufacturing and purchasing furniture. Under this condition, GESTER offers a number of furniture testing equipment to perform safety tests for office furniture, kitchen furniture as well as indoor/outdoor desks and chairs, thus evaluating their stability, durability, tensile strength, drop resistance, impact resistance, mechanical structure and other properties.

BIFMA X5, ASTM 1561, ASTM 1858, ASTM 1838, ASTM 2057, BS 4875, BS 7376, BS 7449, BS EN 1727, DD ENV 12520, DD ENV 12521, BS EN 14072, BS EN 581, BS EN 1022, DD ENV 1729, BS EN 1335, ISO 7170~7174, etc.

Applicable Furniture
1. Office furniture: Office chair, conference table
2. Garden furniture: Armchair, swing, garden table
3. Kids' furniture: Crib, stool
4. Bed: Folding bed, twin bed

Standard Test Items
1. Transport packaging test (ISTA)
2. Azo content
3. Ni release content (EN 12472, EN 1888)
4. Lead content (CPSC 16 CFR 1303)
5. Color fastness
6. Salt spray test (ASTM B117)
7. Heavy metal in packing material (94/62/EEC)
8. Heavy metal content (EN 71-3, ASTM F963, CHPAR.S.CH-3:96)

Individualized Test Items
1. Strength test
2. Stability test
3. Static pressure (horizontal/vertical)
4. Tilt mechanism
5. Armrest strength
6. Seat/backrest fatigue
7. Footrest fatigue
8. Drawer fatigue
9. Drop test
10. Impact test
11. Rotation test
12. Locking test