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Footwear Material Safety Testing Solution

GESTER has always been the cooperative partner of shoe manufacturers. With scientific attitude and professional technology, we are capable of providing considerate services to our partners. Our company enjoys sound reputation in the shoe manufacturing industry because of the full range of products and complete functions, which bring us a great many of customers, including the famous shoe manufacturer such as ADDIAS, Nike, and some others.

Main Product for Footwear Testing
Whole shoe flexing tester, footwear water resistance tester, shoe abrasion tester, footwear compression and puncture tester, rubber abrasion tester, whole sole flexing machine, fibreboard flexing tester, upper flexing tester, belt flex tester, heel impact tester, safety footwear impact tester, resilience elasticity tester, heat resistance tester, shoe dielectric resistance tester, whole shoe flexing cold resistance tester, shoe lace abrasion resistance tester, and shoelace-eyelet abrasion tester.

Applicable Footwear
1. Classification based on purpose: sneaker, hiking shoes, running shoes, cotton-padded shoes, leisure shoes, cotton slippers, skate shoes, canvas shoes
2. Classification based on testing location: vamp, lining, insole, outsole

Related Testing Standard

American Standard AATCC, ASTM
British Standard SATRA, BSI
EU Standard CEN
International Standard ISO
National Standard GBT 20991, QB/T1002, QB/T1003, QB/T1005.

Main Applicable Product and Standard

1. Safety Shoes
SATRA Standard for Footwear Material
EN ISO 20344:2011
EN ISO 20345:2011
EN ISO 20346:2011
EN ISO 20347:2011
EN ISO 20349:2010
EN ISO 17249:2004
EN 15090:2006
EN 61340:2002
EN 13832:2006
EN 13634:2010
AS/NZS 2210:2009
ASTM F 2412/3:2011

2. Gloves
EN 420:2003+A1:2009
EN 388:2003
EN 407:2004
EN 12477:2001

3. Shin guard