Zero Height Drop Tester GT-LC06

The drop testing machine is mainly used to evaluate the influence of drop on the packaging during the transportation, the loading and unloading process, in order to evaluate the impact resistance and the rationality of packaging design.
Test Method
The drop tester consists of a "E" fork which can move down quickly. The specimen is placed in balance according to the test requirements (face, edge, angle tests). When testing, the pallet moves down quickly to separate from the specimen. Before the specimen drops on the floor, under the effect of shock absorber, "E" fork has been already embedded in the floor. Theoretically, this tester can do the test from zero height to maximum drop height. Drop height can be set according to the test requirements. The automatically conducts the drop test according to the preset height. With PLC programming man-machine interface, the tester is simple, convenient and powerful.

Model GT-LC06
Control mode PLC touch screen
Maximum test load 200kg
Maximum test volume L2000xW1000x H 1000(mm)
Test height 0~1200mm adjustable
Test aspects Edge, Angle, Surface
Drive Motor drive
Protection device Induction type protection device
Material of Impact plate 45# steel, solid steel plate
Reading Digital
Bracket structure 45# steel
Transmission Imported linear slider and copper sleeve, 45# steel
Accelerating device Mechanical(Ensure that the speed of the bracket falls faster than the drop rate of the test product)
Drop mode Electromagnetic and pneumatic integrated
Power supply 220V, 50HZ, 5KW
Weight About 1800KG
Dimension 2200×1500×2000mm
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