Elasticity Testing Machine

The elasticity testing machine is used to test the impact resistance of the resilient material and foaming material. Apart from the comparison between different materials, the resilience elasticity tester can also help users to understand the elasticity change of the material after aging. The material testing equipment provides reference for the users during material purchasing. In addition, the footwear testing equipment is a good helper for the material manufacturer to improve the product quality.

Technical Parameters of Resilience Elasticity Tester

Model GT-KB18
Capacity 0.5J, 0.2J
Scale 1%
Range of display 0-100%
Minimum scale for movable shaft 1mm
Impact angle 90 degree
Length of pendulum 200mm
Impact speed 2m/sec
Adjustable range for test piece thickness 0-60mm
Size of test piece 1. Sphere: dia. 30mm
2. Cylinder: dia. 40mm
Dimension 65×13×35cm (L×W×H)
Weight 35kg
Standards DIN 53512, ISO 4662
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