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Shoe Sole Flexing Tester(Belt Type Testing Machine)

Specially offered for testing the flex resistance of outsole, the shoe sole flexing tester is capable of simulating the walking state of human-beings. The belt type flex testing machine will stop automatically at preset test parameters. Our shoe flex testing device supports synchronous testing of multiple samples, which effectively helps the users to improve the working efficiency.

Technical Parameters of the Shoe Sole Flexing Tester

Belt size Length: 1930±50mm, width: 140±5mm
Rotating speed of bull wheel 247±20 cycles/min
Rotating speed of belt 90±8 cycles/min
Quantity of test piece Max. 6 soles for synchronous testing
Counter LCD, 0-999,999
Size 123×72×72cm
Weight 170kg
Standard SATRA TM133
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