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Footwear Testing Machine(Upper Material Flexing Tester)

The upper material flexing tester is one of our footwear testing machines, and it is applicable for the materials such as rubber, leather, synthetic leather, sole, and some others. The test piece is clamped on the footwear upper tester. The footwear testing equipment will then flex the upper continuously. Users can analyze the cracking condition and understand the durability of the upper easily.

Technical Parameters of the Footwear Testing Machine

Model GT-KB08A-1 GT-KB08A-2 GT-KB08A-3
Maximum travel distance of Clamps 95mm 76mm 70mm
Moving clamp stroke 35mm 57mm 57mm
Minimum travel distance of Clamps 60mm 19mm 13mm
Test speed 300±10 cpm
Counter LCD Display 0-999999
Test position 6 pcs
Power supply 1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ 3A
Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 55 x 45 x 70cm
Weight 75kg
Standards HG/T2873 ASTM D813, D430, GB/T13934,13935, JIS-K6301, ISO132,133, BS-903-A10 ISO 7854-Method A, BS 3424:Part9, GB/T 12586 Method A, EN ISO 2023, Annex E
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