Impact Test Machine

The impact test machine, or toy impact tester, is meant to minimize hazards that might be caused, for example, by goggles or space helmets if the material from which they are constructed fails, or by toys that simulate safety protective equipment such as sports helmets if children use the article as real protective equipment rather than as a toy.

Our steel ball impact test machine adopts electromagnetic control, and tested toys shall not generate sharp edges, sharp points or loose parts that may enter the eye.

In addition to the impact test equipment, we can also supply many other styles of toy testing equipment. We welcome you to try our impact testing machines.

Technical Data of Impact Test Machine

Model GT-M28
Steel ball diameter 16mm
Steel ball weight 15.8g
Steel ball release height 1300mm
Dimensions 600×500×1800mm
Standards ISO 8124-1, ASTM F963
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