Impact Testing Machine (Dynamic Strength Tester for Toy)

The dynamic strength tester for toys is a piece of impact testing machine commonly adopted by toy manufacturers and third-party inspection agencies. The toy testing equipment drives the toy at a speed of 2±0.2m/s into a non-resilient step to see if the toy collapses or suffers damages, thus offering evidence for toy safety evaluation.

Technical Data of the Impact Testing Machine

Model GT-M19
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Test speed 2±0.2m/s
Step height 50mm
Action mode Electrical/auto/manual
Dimensions 5100×1480×1750mm
Weight 900kg
Standards ISO 8124-1, ASTM F963, EN-71-1, 16 CFR 1500
Accessories Load A (50kg), Load B (25kg)
  • Load A
  • Load B

Structural Diagrams of Load A and Load B

This test instrument is mainly used to test the dynamic strength of wheeled ride-on toys.
Can simulate driven toys vertically hit the inelastic step in a steady speed of 2m /S ± 0.2 /S, then observe the damaged condition. Applied to toy bicycles, scooters, roller-skate and etc.

Specifications of Load A and Load B

Part Mass Diameter Height mm(in)
a 10.42kg (23.0lbs) 150±2mm (5.9±0.1 inch) 75±2mm (3.0±0.1 inch)
b 14.58kg (32.1lbs) 178±2mm (7.0±0.1 inch) 75±2mm (3.0±0.1 inch)
c 4.16kg (9.2lbs) - -
d 2.00±0.02kg (4.4±0.04lbs) - -
e 0.50±0.01kg (1.1±0.02lbs) - -
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