Durability Testing Machine (Small Toy Choke Tester)

Mouth-actuated toys are very popular among children, but sometimes they can be extremely dangerous because loose components may get detached and lead to suffocation. Given this, our durability testing machine (also referred to as mouth-actuated toy durability tester) is developed, and it is highly recommended for toy manufacturers.

As a piece of toy testing equipment, this toy safety tester discharges and receives a certain volume of air in less than 5 seconds to the mouthpiece of toys, and ten alternating blowing and sucking cycles should be applied before checking if there is any released component.

Key Specification

Model GT-M03
Blow and suck air volume 295±10 cm2
Blow and suck frequency 1 cycle/ 5s
Test air pressure 13.8 Kpa
Testing times 10 times
Air pressure meter Digital, Units, Kpa; The positive and negative pressure display
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 42 x 26cm
Weight 26Kg
Power supplier AC220V 50/60HZ
Accessories Tube gripper -3pcs
Standards EN-71-1 section 8.17.2; ISO 8124-1 section 5.20 ASTM F963 section 8.13; GB 6675.2 section 5.20

This tester is suitable for the test of the safety of the Mouth-Actuated Toys, such as whistles with a ball, the sounders with a reed and other toys. This tester will blow-off certain volume gas in a certain speed and inhale the toy, blow-off and inhale alternately for 10 times, after the test, you should test the toy and the deciduous parts whether they are findings.

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