Formaldehyde Test Kit

As indicated by its name, the formaldehyde test kit is developed to measure the formaldehyde content of all kinds of textile fabrics. It is a commonly used toy safety testing equipment in stuffed toys industry.

Technical Data of Formaldehyde Test Kit

Model GT-C76
Measuring range Transmittance: 0-100%
Absorbance: 0-2.0
Formaldehyde content: 5.00-500.00mg/kg (sample dilution of up to 5000mg/kg)
Formaldehyde measurement accuracy ≤2% full scale
Wavelength range 325-1000nm
Spectral bandwidth 5nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm
Wavelength repeatability 1nm
Dimensions (L×W×H) 400×300×200mm
Weight 10kg
Standards ISO 14184-1/2, AATCC 112

Related Names
Formaldehyde Tester | Textile Testing Equipment

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