Impact Tester (Spring Operated Impact Test Apparatus)

The impact tester is also referred to as spring operated impact hammer, and it simulates mechanical impact to various products to see if their housings are robust enough to avoid fatal damage.

Applications of the Impact Tester
This spring operated impact test apparatus suits for handles, buttons, control levers, indicator lights, signal lamps, lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, electronic products, electric accessories and many more.

Model Selection of the Impact Tester
Our universal impact test hammer is available with a wide range of impact energies to fit for different inspections, and the optional choices include 0.20J, 0.22J, 0.25J, 0.35J, 0.50J, 0.70J, 1.00J, 2.00J and so on.

For example, it is highly recommended to use the 0.5±0.04J impact hammer if the impact test shall be conducted as per IEC 60335 or GB 4706 standards, while ones with impact energy of 0.20J, 0.35J, 0.50J or 0.70J fit well for lamps.

Technical Data of the Impact Tester
1. Model: GT-M65
2. Weight of body: 1250±10g
3. Weight of striking element: 250±1g
4. Weight of release cone: 60g
5. Impact energy: 0.20-2.00J

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