Tensile Strength Tester (Rope and Chain Tester)

The tensile strength tester or tensile testing machine is used to measure the tensile strength of rope, cord or chain of a toy with the help of two test blocks. In this regard, it is also known as rope tester, cord tester or chain tester.

Technical Data of Tensile Strength Tester
1. Model: GT-MB18
2. Standard configuration: 2 rectangular test blocks (one has hooks, and the other doesn't)
3. Test block size: 94×25×25mm
4. Test block material: Aluminum, iron or plastic steel
5. Standards: EN-71-1, EN-71-1
6. Distance from rope center to upper surface of test block when a force of 25±2N is applied at rope center: Approx. 0.1m

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