Gauss Meter

The gauss meter is mainly intended to determine the magnetic flux index of magnets and magnetic components used in toys. Aside from toys, this Hall effect gaussmeter is also applicable for loudspeakers, DC motors, magnetic separators and permanent magnetic materials, and it could detect magnetic flux distribution, magnetic flux leakage, residual flux density, remnant magnetic field and so on. Hence, our handheld digital gauss meter is highly recommended.

Technical Data of Gauss Meter

Model GT-MB17
Measuring range 0-200mT-2000mT
Resolution 0.01/0.1mT
Intrinsic error ±2%
Applicable magnetic field Static/Alternating fields
Unit Gs/mT
Display 41/2" LCD
Power supply 4×AA battery
Dimension 160×88×36mm
Weight 300g
Standards ISO 8124-1, EN-71-1, ASTM F963, 16 CFR 1500, EN 62115
Function Peak holding
N/S reveal for DC magnetic field
Automatic zero setting
Battery capacity indication
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