Pen-cap Air Flow Tester

This unit mainly be used to test the safety of the caps for writing and marking instruments which are designed or clearly intended for use by children up to 14 years of age. However, Caps for writing and marking instruments which are not designed or intended for use by children, e.g. jewellery pens, expensive fountain pens, professional technical pens, are not be test by this method.

The test cap is fully inserted into an elastomeric tube of the appropriate diameter and the air flow through the tube and the pressure drop are measured in both directions. And when tested, caps shall permit a minimum air flow of 8 l/min, measured at room temperature, with a maximum pressure drop of 1.33 Kpa.

Key Specification

Model GT-S06
Air supply ≥25 l/min
Flow gauge accuracy ±0.2 l/min
Pressure gauge accuracy ±0.01 Kpa
Elastomeric tubing Wall thickness: 0.75 mm±0.25 mm
Hardness: 55±10 Shore A
Dimensions (L´W´H) 450 x 200 x 330mm
Weight 6Kg
Standards ISO 11540 BS 7272-1 GB/T 24110
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