Rattle Test Template

Rattle test is a simulation of children’s oral cavity capacity, used to test whether toys or the parts of toys may cause choking or swallowing. Mainly used in toys intended for children who are too young to sit up unaided.
Such as:
1. Hand-held activity toys;
2. Books and building blocks covered by textile or vinyl;
3. Rattle-shaped toys and squeeze toys with or without noise making features;
4. Teethers, toys or components intended to be chewed on;
5. Removable components of toys intended to be strung across a crib, playpen or perambulator;
6. Removable components of baby gyms;
7. Legs of baby gyms.
8. Play figures

Note: The tester is not applied to soft-filled parts of a toy or parts of fabric. And is not applied to rigid elements having a major dimension equal to 30 mm or less.

Testing requirements:
GT-M46A (Template A): For such toys having a mass of 0.5 kg or less, no part of the toy shall protrude past the base of Template A
GT-M46B (Template B): For such toys with nearly spherical, hemispherical or circular flared ends having a mass of 0.5kg or less, no part of the toy shall protrude past the base of Template B.


Model GT-M46A Oval (Template A) GT-M46B Round (Template B)
Size 80x65x30mm(L x D x H) 73x73x30mm(L x D x H)
Weight 500g 500g
Material Aluminum metal alloy, surface oxidation
Standards EN-71-1 section 8.16 ASTM F963 section 4.22.1, 4.23, 4.24 16CFR 1510 ISO 8124-1section 5.3 GB6675-2 section 5.3 EN-71-1 section 8.16 and 8.33 ASTM F963 section 4.22.2, 4.24.2, 4.32 16CFR 1510 ISO 8124-1section 5.3, 5.6 GB6675-2 section 5.3, 5.6
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