Compression Tester

Any area on the surface of a toy that is accessible to a child and non-accessible to flat surface contact during drop test or tip over test must be subjected to compression test, and our compression tester is a kind of toy testing equipment especially developed for this test.

Our compression disk is used to simulate the subjecting of a toy to mechanical damage through compressing or other actions likely to be performed by a child, and it is of reliable quality to deliver stable performance.

Technical Data of Compression tester

Model GT-M38
Diameter 30mm for EN compression tester
28.5mm for ASTM compression tester
Thickness 9.52mm
Standards ASTM F963, EN-71-1, ISO 8124-1, 16 CFR 1500

Recommended Compression Force

Flexure testing Age category Compression force
Voluntary standard For toy manufacturer
0-18 months 20±0.5lbf (89.0N) 20.5lbf (91.2N)
18-36 months 25±0.5lbf (111.3N) 25.5lbf (113.5N)
36-96 months 30±0.5lbf (133.5N) 30.5lbf (135.7N)
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