Mouth-actuated tester

This tester is suitable for the test of the safety of the Mouth-Actuated Toys, such as whistles with a ball, the sounders with a reed and other toys. This tester will blow-off certain volume gas in a certain speed and inhale the toy, blow-off and inhale alternately for 10 times, after the test, you should test the toy and the deciduous parts whether they are findings.

Key Specification

Model GT-M03
Blow and suck air volume 295±10 cm2
Blow and suck frequency 1 cycle/ 5s
Test air pressure 13.8 Kpa
Testing times 10 times
Air pressure meter Digital, Units, Kpa; The positive and negative pressuredisplay
Dimensions(L x W x H) 50 x 42 x 26cm
Weight 26Kg
Power supplier AC220V 50/60HZ
Accessories Tube gripper -3pcs
Standards EN-71-1 section 8.17.2; ISO 8124-1 section 5.20 ASTM F963 section 8.13; GB 6675.2 section 5.20
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